Lucas TRW manufacture a large range of OE specification electrical and braking products for Land Rover vehicles.

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Range Rover Sport TdV6 Brake Servo OEM SJJ500070

£180.04 ex VAT
  • OE Specification
  • Range Rover Sport
  • 2.7L TdV6

Steering Lock STC981G

£39.78 ex VAT
Steering Lock. Part number STC981G.

Switch Indicator STC865G

£35.24 ex VAT
Switch Indicator. Part number STC865G.

Cap Distributor STC8368G

£21.63 ex VAT
Cap Distributor. Part number STC8368G.

Switch Oil Pressure STC4104G

£12.88 ex VAT
Switch Oil Pressure. Part number STC4104G.

Steering Column Lock STC1435G

£47.89 ex VAT
Steering Column Lock. Part number STC1435G.

Contact Set RTC6627G

£2.52 ex VAT
Contact Set. Part number RTC6627G.

Contact Set RTC6623G

£4.44 ex VAT
Contact Set. Part number RTC6623G.

Condenser RTC6620G

£2.22 ex VAT
Condenser. Part number RTC6620G.

Ignition Lead Set RTC6551G

£13.26 ex VAT
Ignition Lead Set. Part number RTC6551G.

Capacitor RTC6114

£11.54 ex VAT
Capacitor. Part number RTC6114.

Ignition Coil RTC5628G

£18.55 ex VAT
Ignition Coil. Part number RTC5628G.

Bush Kit RTC5563

£3.24 ex VAT
Bush Kit. Part number RTC5563.

Starter Motor Diesel RTC5232E

£78.41 ex VAT
Starter Motor Diesel. Part number RTC5232E.

Dip Switch RTC432G

£9.86 ex VAT
Dip Switch. Part number RTC432G.

Bulb Holder RTC3878

£3.47 ex VAT
Bulb Holder. Part number RTC3878.