Are the nuts & bolts on your vehicle’s exterior starting to rust? Why not upgrade to some stainless steel replacements. Our range of bolt and screw kits will help smarten up your Land Rover’s bodywork and prevent any damage due to rust. Browse our range of kits for Land Rover Defender and Series models.

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Defender Bumper Bolt Set & Plates Stainless DA1171K

£11.35 ex VAT
Bumper Fixing Kit Buy a pair of Land Rover Defender bumper fixing plates which includes stainless steel bolt set which

Defender Stainless Steel Bumper Bolt Set DA1139

£6.96 ex VAT
Bumper Bolt Set Buy a new set of high quality stainless steel bumper bolts and fittings suitable for Land Rover

Defender Front Grille Screw Kit Stainless DA1138

£2.36 ex VAT
Front Grille Screw Kit S/S. Part number DA1138.

Defender Light Screw Kit Stainless To MA940004 DA1137

£2.18 ex VAT
Lights Screw Kit S/S Defender Up To Ma940004. Part number DA1137.

Defender Rear Cross Member Bolt Kit Stainless DA1136

£5.67 ex VAT
Rear Cross Member Bolt Kit S/S. Part number DA1136.

Defender Bonnet Hinge Bolt Kit Stainless DA1135

£2.18 ex VAT
Bonnet Hinge Bolt Kit S/S. Part number DA1135.

Defender Rear Safari Door Kit Stainless DA1134P

£12.21 ex VAT
Puma Rear Safari Door Kit S/S. Part number DA1134P.

Defender Rear Safari Door Bolt Kit Stainless DA1134

£6.74 ex VAT
Rear Safari Door Bolt Kit S/S. Part number DA1134.

Defender Front & Rear Door Bolt Kit Stainless DA1133P

£26.96 ex VAT
Puma 4 Door Bolt Kit S/S. Part number DA1133P.

Defender Front Door Bolt Kit Stainless DA1132P

£12.85 ex VAT
Puma Front Door Bolt Kit S/S. Part number DA1132P.